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Statistical forecasting in SCP is accomplished through multiple formulas ranging from simple moving averages to more complex algorithms including seasonal, trend, exponential smoothing, and more. Embedded in the software is the award winning Forecast Pro forecasting engine, adding to SCP's forecasting power and accuracy.


SCP accepts all forms of external forecasts while still retaining visibility over the statistical forecast if desired. Forecasts from CRM systems, product managers, sales representatives, customers, and many other sources can be imported with ease.


Several features allow you to adjustment either the statistical or external forecast with little effort. Create SCP 'Events' to factor in known increases or decreases due to promotions, store openings, product launches, etc.  Use several forecast consumption and retention strategies to further adjust your forecast depending on sales patterns.

Forecast Accuracy

Track and report forecast-vs-actual accuracy using SCP's data tracking and reporting tools.  SCP takes a snapshot of planning data on a daily or weekly basis, so you can always go back in time and review past information.