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A bit about JMS

We've been in business for over 16 years.

We are privately held.  Our founders are still running things.

We do NOT outsource our 24x7 support.

Customers have direct phone and email access to JMS, and of course if you need us, we are always at the ready with the latest remote support technologies. SCP even has the ability to email or FTP entire datasets to our servers so we can follow along with our clients.


"Support was a main factor in making a decision about a preferred software package, and we can say without any doubt that the support from JMS is tremendous. No matter the day or night they are always ready to assist."

Herman Muller Global Freight Forwarding

"Working with a results-driven company with such quick turn-around, allows us to take advantage of new business practices while others are still thinking about it."

Jim Seafort - Fortune 500 V.P. Customer Service, Logistics, and eBusiness

A little history...

Founded in 2001, Jada Management Systems, LLC (JMS), is the maker of SCP, a leading software solution for supply chain forecasting, planning, scheduling, and vendor managed inventory (VMI).

JMS was formed by a group of logistics consultants who, after over 17 years of experience, were determined to offer the business world a powerful and affordable alternative to expensive, cumbersome supply chain programs.  Our Mission is to provide flexible, high quality products and services while building long lasting relationships.  We offer strong supply chain guidance and clear-cut exception oriented solutions.  SCP has helped companies establish VMI relationships, improve planning, minimize stockouts, and lower inventory costs by giving them flexible, user-friendly tools that get the job done quickly and accurately.  Headquartered in the United States in West Linn, Oregon,  JMS is a privately held company.

and Philosophy...


Make it easier

Good doesn't necessarily mean complex. On the contrary, a good product should be intuitive and easy to use. User acceptance is key to the success of any system, and the best systems in the world are useless if they are too difficult to navigate and understand.

Fast Implementation

Minimize steps

Avoid multiple steps in any process. More steps increase the chance of something breaking along the way, and make support exponentially more difficult. One of the key reasons for the success of SCP, is its ability to retrieve what it needs directly from the source.

Return On Investment

It's about ROI

Choose your software wisely. We believe that a quick return on investment is the only way to measure the success of a project. We want our customers to see their ROI in 6 months to a year, not years from now. Many even see it a few weeks after using SCP.