Demand Planning
                Demand Planning, forecasting & VMI

"JMS software has improved customer service from 79% to 85% and inventory turns from 9 to 19 turns. Vendor Managed Inventory  initiatives utilizing SCP resulted in increased sales."
Demand Planning

- Jim Seafort
Fortune 500 V.P. Customer Service, Logistics, and eBusiness

JMS offers free custom demos of SCP.  Send us your data and see how SCP benefits your business.

SCP (Supply Chain Planning) 4.0 Overview  
  • Provides materials managers and planners with a tool to control inventory.
    SCP recommends what to make, how much to make, and when to make it in order to fulfill demand and  maintain, but not  exceed, desirable  inventory levels.

  • Includes three optional, yet fully integrated modules.
    Forecasting, time-phased demand planning, MRP, constraint planning, and optimized scheduling.

  • Overcomes 3 areas of difficulty
    1) User friendly & Intuitive
    complicated user interfaces risk user rejection. SCP is a perfect balance between power and ease of use.

    2) Integration
    the most expensive portion of implementing and maintaining supply chain systems.  SCP includes one the world's best data integration tools and takes the bulk of the work away from IT departments and puts the power of implementation in the implementer's hands. A typical SCP project takes an average of TWO weeks.

    3) Quick ROI
    Starting at an all-inclusive cost (software, implementation, training) under $50,000, return on investment is measured in months.

    Use SCP to plan your supply chain and for Vendor Managed Inventory
    (VMI) partnerships. A disciplined use of SCP streamlines inventory levels resulting in lower inventory costs and a significant increase in customer service.

    SCP supports all languages by allowing users to create tables that translate screens and reports.

Demand Planning





SCP (Supply Chain Planning) 4.0

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