Affordable VMI, Forecasting, Demand Planning
      Affordable VMI, Forecasting & Demand Planning


"Our prices are a direct reflection of one of our primary goals, which is for all clients to see the ROI on their investment many times over in less than 1 year.  SCP adds great value to businesses of all sizes and we want to make sure the price point is attractive to small companies as well as the Fortune 500's."

- Megan Bowes, V.P. Marketing & Sales
Jada Management

JMS offers free custom demos of SCP.  Send us your data and see how SCP benefits your business.

SCP Pricing... prices are per site license with unlimited users per site

Please contact us for current pricing.

Annual maintenance fees are 15% of software list price and include 24/7 support and free version upgrades.

A 'site' is considered to be a building or a local area network. Remote access using CITRIX, Terminal Server, etc. may be subject to additional licensing requirements.


By the time you have reached this point, your company has hopefully taken advantage of the free custom demo and evaluation using your own data. The demo should have shown the projected dollar benefits and it should have given an idea of how quick your return on investment will be.

But that is not enough. We want our prospective clients to be as comfortable as possible in doing business with Jada Management. And so, while we ask that you pay for our consulting time and travel costs, we insist that you hold off paying for the software portion for 30 days... our way of sharing the risk of the investment and standing behind our solutions.

SCP 4.0 is an effective, affordable VMI, Forecasting, Demand Planning, and Scheduling solution.

Affordable VMI, Forecast & Demand Planning.  ROI within months.

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