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JMS Partners

JMS has increased the dynamic forecasting capabilities of SCP, our advanced planning and VMI software, by integrating the highly-acclaimed ForecastPro solution into the SCP product suite, ForecastPro is a state-of-the-art statistical forecasting package that uses artificial intelligence and powerful methodology to yield unsurpassed forecasting accuracy. In Expert Selection mode, ForecastPro uses a rule-based expert system and proprietary statistical algorithms to analyze data, select appropriate forecasting techniques and create forecasts, allowing users with little or no forecasting experience to use the program effectively. Seamlessly integrated into SCP, ForecastPro provides a level of automation consistent with the JMS user-friendly philosophy. There is no learning curve, just increased forecasting accuracy. The ForecastPro forecasting methods are simply added to the existing list of standard SCP forecasting formulas.


Eric Duris Consulting, founded in 2008, specializes in consulting services for supply chain management, business processes, and IT management.  Duris Consulting uses proven methodology combined with years of experience to provide high quality services and solutions. Our consultants are APICS Certified and we are the European representative of Jada Management Systems.  “We have been impressed by the SCP solution's rich functionality, user-friendly approach, valuable reporting tools, and affordable price. This tool is an impressive driver of performance and we are here to help implement SCP within Europe.”
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Originally founded in 1988 as Manufacturing Magic, Supply Chain Business Solutions is an Australasian Distributor for Preactor, Forecast Pro, StrataView and Supply Chain Planning (SCP) business solutions for the supply chain. We have provided Consulting and Education Services to many leading Australian companies. We have been marketing and implementing forecasting and planning software packages since 1997. We provide implementing services and training for all the business solutions we market. We have implemented forecasting and planning solutions in companies in Australia, China, Singapore and India.


South Korea based IHIME is an APICS authorized education provider and a mutual ForecastPro (Business Forecast Solutions) partner.  IHIME became an authorized reseller of SCP 4.0 for South Korea in 2013.


SCP's scheduling module supports advanced optimization models to minimize changeover setup, waste, order delays, etc. the additional OptTek meta-heuristic mathematical solver is seamlessly integrated with SCP and has proven to be extremely effective in the minimization of manufacturing costs. The technology, which is based on OptTek's optimization engine called OptQuest is a robust and powerful tool for users of SCP, and enhances its decision support capabilities by integrating the world-class global optimization methods developed by OptTek.

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