Supply Chain Planning, VMI
                   Supply Chain Planning & VMI


"We are in the unique position of having developed a product that can be set up and integrated so quickly, it allows us to offer prospective business clients personalized demos.  You will be hard pressed to find another solution provider that lets you see your benefits before you pay for them"

- K. C. Jada, Owner
Jada Management

No-cost Personalized Demo and Analysis

This offer is for prospective business clients and it is exactly as it sounds.  Send us your data in any electronic format (we like to show off our integration capabilities) and we will map it into SCP 4.0 and present you with an online demo and review of the results... at no charge.

The presentation will include high level performance reports showing the current state of your inventory (current cost, excess, stockouts, inactivity, turns, etc.) as well as the projected inventory and turns expected if the SCP replenishment plan is implemented.

The presentation will also include planner-related functionality and benefits of SCP, showing the detailed supply chain visibility and reporting the system puts at
your fingertips.

Please review the SCP Data Requirements document for
a list of the data we need, and contact us for the next

  Supply Chain Planning

Current inventory costs

Inactive inventory

forecasting & planning

Excess inventory

Projected inventory costs


Current turns

Projected turns

VMI and more...
SCP Demo Data Requirements
* Non-disclosure (NDA) requests are welcome
* Commitment to creating personalized demos is at the discretion of JMS
   Please contact us for verification of demo commitment
Supply Chain Planning and VMI - SCP 4.0

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