It is not enough to make a satisfactory impression. Our goal is to earn our clients' trust and respect by providing unmatched professional services and support. We want to establish lasting relationships and for that to happen we must deliver the value and quality we advertise."

 - K. C. Jada, Owner  
Jada Management

JMS offers free custom demos of SCP.  Send us your data and see how SCP benefits your business.

SCP Clients and their VMI Relationships                                 "Why shouldn't you be able to try before you buy?"

SCP is used by many Fortune 500 corporations, mid-sized businesses, and small companies.

Whether you manufacture or distribute, whether you are a 5 billion dollar company or a 5 million dollar company... if you carry inventory, your business can immediately benefit from SCP 4.0.

Examples of different industries using SCP 4.0 include:


Minimize the financial risk of committing to a software purchase by seeing it work with your specific data and environment beforehand.  That is the only way to know with any degree of certainty the potential benefits it will bring to your organization.

JMS invites all businesses to send their data in any electronic format for a no-cost evaluation and demo of the SCP system.  In addition we will generate and present some of SCP's highly informative performance reports that will reflect your current inventory situation and project the potential improvements and savings.

            SCP is currently running in 15 countries

"We use SCP to manage the procurement and distribution of catering stock for 55 destinations and over 200 suppliers. SCP enabled us to drive down the stock holding from $12.9 mil to $8 mil within 15 months while minimizing stock outs."  - Herman Muller, Global freight forwarding company

"I look at the tool and wonder why this wasn't around when we did planning. It truly is a great application." - Fortune 500 Global Supply Chain Operations

"We actually added the software to our current ERP system
and immediately saw the results. The program improved the accuracy of our inventory through its reporting tools." 
- Ken Hubel, Label printing company

"Since implementing the software, we have reduced inventory by over 55% and reduced downtime by over 64% and expedited freight by 50%.  It has been a huge help in allowing me to model inventory and manage exceptions."   - Richard Dix, Materials Manager, Fortune 500 laundry products company

"Working with a results-driven company with such quick turn-
around, allows us to take advantage of new business practices while others are still thinking about it. " 
- Jim Seafort,  Fortune 500 V.P. Customer Service, Logistics, and eBusiness

"JMS has helped us regain control of our paper stock and continues to be an invaluable cost saving tool...for over 8 years now."  - Thomas Dahbura, V.P., Label printing company

"JMS software has improved customer service from 79% to 85% and inventory turns from 9 to 19 turns. Vendor Managed Inventory  initiatives utilizing SCP resulted in increased sales."   - Jim Seafort,  Fortune 500 V.P. Customer Service, Logistics, and eBusiness

"SCP allows us to manage customer requirements quickly. It
gives us visibility over customer forecasts resulting in improved service and cost reductions in the areas of production, inventory and shipping. We are able to quickly achieve our
VMI goals and implement SCM with key clients with very different requirements." 
 - Ernie Kale, Supply Chain Management, Fortune 500 supplier to the world's leading consumer product companies

"Support was also a main factor in making a decision about a preferred software package, and we can say without any doubt that the support from JMS is tremendous. No matter the day or night they are always ready to assist."  - Herman Muller,  Global freight forwarding company

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Businesses in 15 countries are using the system with great results, and client referrals are certainly available.  Please contact us if you wish to speak with a reference.

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