Capacity Planning
                 Constraint / Capacity Planning


"I look at the tool and wonder why this wasn't around when we did planning. It truly is a great application."

Capacity Planning
- John Koumourou
Fortune 500 Global Supply Chain Operations

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SCP Capacity & Constraint Planning  
The SCP Constraint Control Center adds the realities of resource constraints... capacity planning, raw material availability, and minimum run or load requirements to your manufacturing or distribution needs.

Existing orders as well as planned replenishment load is represented graphically against available resource capacities. Constraint representation can be in units or in hours (based on item run speed, setup time, etc).

Orders can be manually dragged-and-dropped or automatically rescheduled to fit within constraints, based on priority codes. For seasonal businesses (back-to-school, etc), SCP also includes automated pre-building algorithms. Rescheduled orders are automatically communicated back to the planning engine as 'constrained planned orders'.

Need to know when an incoming customer order can be fulfilled? Use the SCP Capable-to-promise (CTP) feature to determine available start and finish dates based on constraint limitations.

Capacity Planning

SCP 4.0 demo

SCP 4.0 Constraint & Capacity Planning

A prelude to the SCP Optimized Scheduling, this module provides vital information in order to accurately and realistically represent the supply chain.

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