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     Demand Planning and Vendor Managed Inventory

"We use SCP to manage the procurement and distribution of catering stock for 55 destinations and over 200 suppliers. SCP enabled us to drive down the stock holding from
$12.9 mil to $8 mil within 15 months while minimizing stock outs."


- Herman Muller
Global freight forwarding company

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Forecasting & Demand Planning



VMI Vendor Managed Inventory SCP 4.0  is a forecasting, demand planning, and vendor managed inventory solution that recommends what to make/procure, how much to make, and when to make it in order to uphold target inventory levels. Line
 Powerful superior to products in its class
 Intuitive user friendly


implements in days not months

typical ROI is 6-12 months


APICS      Demand Planning

Manufacturers and distributors in 15 countries have discovered that managing a supply chain does NOT have to be a time consuming, high cost, or high risk venture.

Learn how SCP 4.0 can save you time & money.  Use SCP 4.0 for forecasting, demand planning, and Vendor Managed Inventory

SCP 4.0 includes
MRP, full container optimization, and strong reporting tools.

Complimentary Custom Demos:  See SCP in action using your own data.  Get valuable info about your supply chain without any financial commitment.

Farm Equipment SCP is now planning inventory stocking levels and replenishments for one of the major farm equipment manufacturers in the U.S. Mid-West.

Pet Food One of the largest pet food manufacturers in the U.S. successfully takes on VMI using SCP

Tubes SCP helps manage the inventory of many of the tubes of personal care products you see in your local super market

Graphite U.S. based manufacturer of graphite materials chooses SCP for forecasting and demand planning

Latin America Electronics SCP used to manage one of the largest Latin American distributors of electronic components and products

A full featured, automated forecasting and demand planning toolkit that provides detailed visibility into your supply chain.

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